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add Changes for 2.30_04

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Revision history for Perl module Gimp
2.30_04 2014-05-24
- use strict and warnings, and tidy-up.
- Autosave2 - reloads files on GIMP start.
- No more ignore GUI functions - instead trap exceptions; more idiomatic.
- Allow any data in Gimp::Data, not just array-ref.
- Update Gimp::Data to GIMP 2.8 parasite procs.
- Improve Gimp::Fu cmd-line working - no UI if no params, fix redef warning.
- Finish removing plugins.
- roundsel licence problem.
- translogo obsolete.
- blended2 redundant with innerbevel.
- Use <Toolbox> where appropriate.
- Allow <Toolbox>/(anything).
- Remove useless test.
- Don't try to DESTROY if socket closed.
- Improve handling of non-num when expected num.
- Keep TODO up to date.
- Update demo extension.
- If temp proc no params, don't get from top-level!
- Implement G::E::podregister_temp, with Gimp::Fu UI.
- Allow fixup_args to eval text for PARAMS/RETVALS.
- Make fixup_args also add "perl_fu_" etc.
- Run mode added except for <None>, remove from sub params into $*::run_mode.
- Reflect multi-level verbose.
- Move auto-add of params to Gimp::Pod::fixup_args.
- Verbose can go all the way up to 11 now.
- Test podregister (and interaction with register)!
- LICENSE tidyup.
- Deeper ->section[s] methods.
- Move to Pod::Simple::SimpleTree.
- Add Perl-Console.
- Allow ->existing with literal.
- drawable_box accidentally ignored param.
- Make available Gimp->get_pdb_error.
- Gimp::UI uses own mainloop so as not to harm Extension one.
- Doc $result return from interact().
2.30_03 2014-05-16
- No "setver" on itself.
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