Commit 363dec53 authored by Ed J's avatar Ed J

add Changes for 2.30_05

parent 4d790321
Revision history for Perl module Gimp
2.30_05 2014-05-28
- build system: Properly enable _ in $VERSION.
- update xach-lego2
- Distrib t/data.t.
- Include blended2 and translogo in distrib and install.
- blended2_translogo_uncorrupted_final3
- Add registry_viewer.
- Update OO usage docs.
- Handle stringification error.
- Stringify Gimp::Parasite right.
- Implement, test, doc full(er) tied %Gimp::Data.
- Test Gimp::Data.
- Don't ignore GUI functions in PS.
- Remove :auto2.
- Gimp::Data doc update.
- Convert to indexed if GIF and export_image doesn't do.
- Handle alpha channel right.
- Move UI-less export_image faking into actual XS function.
- Allow --help to work with single-proc scripts again.
- Add gimp_display_name.
- Handle undef returns.
2.30_04 2014-05-24
- use strict and warnings, and tidy-up.
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