Commit 1a628994 authored by Ed J's avatar Ed J

add Changes for 2.30_02

parent 60c3ad3b
Revision history for Perl module Gimp
2.30_02 2014-05-01
- delete obsolete files
- doc improvements
- Include text from Dov's github archive.
- Doc Gimp::Fu command-line support.
- Tidy example docs and param descriptions.
- Add dialog scrollbars if necessary.
- Improve variable descriptions.
- Use Gtk2::Ex::PodViewer
- make examples use OO style
- Report exceptions in script context.
- Fix return-value bug in register.
- add_new_layer name more useful. POD after __END__.
- Exception-passing now croak() only if not \n$.
- doc, implement "podregister" source-filter feature
- Gimp::UI use strict, override Glib exception handling
- Example plugin with non-Gimp::Fu UI
- Make File/Create examples display new images. Bug 728569
- Make examples/xachshadows work with alpha-less layer. Bug 728567
- Support installing plugins in user GIMP dir. Bug 728566
2.3000_01 2014-04-19 Ed J
- Make Gimp::Fu scripts run right from command line. Bug 728545
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