Commit 7f799e37 authored by Jordi Mas's avatar Jordi Mas

Fixes to Catalan translation

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......@@ -2446,7 +2446,7 @@ msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Clicking on the mouse <mousebutton>Right&nbsp;Button</mousebutton>, has no "
"evident action."
msgstr "Amb un clic del botó dret, el vector s'ubica al lloc del clic."
msgstr "El clic del <mousebutton>botó dret</mousebutton>, no té acció evident."
#: src/filters/artistic/GIMPressionist-sizemap.xml:74(para)
#: src/filters/artistic/GIMPressionist-orientmap.xml:89(para)
......@@ -2454,7 +2454,7 @@ msgid ""
"Clicking on <guibutton>&lt;&lt;</guibutton> and <guibutton>&gt;&gt;</"
"guibutton> buttons displaces focus from a vector to another."
msgstr ""
"Els botons <guibutton>i</guibutton> desplacen el focus d'un vector a un "
"Els botons <guibutton>i</guibutton> i <guibutton>&gt;&gt;</guibutton> desplacen el focus d'un vector a un "
#: src/filters/artistic/GIMPressionist-sizemap.xml:79(para)
......@@ -2764,7 +2764,7 @@ msgstr ""
#: src/filters/map/map-object.xml:42(para)
msgid "<quote>Map Object</quote> applied"
msgstr "Després d'aplicar el filtre <quote>Projecta sobre un objecte</quote>"
msgstr "Aplica <quote>Projecta sobre un objecte</quote>"
#: src/filters/map/map-object.xml:46(para)
msgid ""
......@@ -846,7 +846,7 @@ msgstr "Eines"
msgid ""
"With the <quote>Tools</quote> menu you can create guides and even regularly "
"spaced rectangular areas."
msgstr "Al menú <quote>Eines</quote> podeu crear guies i quadrícules."
msgstr "Al menú <quote>Eines</quote> podeu crear guies i quadrícules i fins i tot àrees rectangulars espaiades regularment"
#: src/filters/web/imagemap.xml:297(term)
msgid "Grid; Grid settings"
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