Commit e692d371 authored by Emmanuele Bassi's avatar Emmanuele Bassi 👣
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log: Make logging API more useful

Deal with setting up state and verbosity.
parent 17fd7879
......@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@
import os
import platform
import sys
import time
def setup_output():
......@@ -13,8 +15,18 @@ def setup_output():
except Exception:
return False
def setup_debug():
if os.environ.get('GIDOCGEN_DEBUG', '0') == '1':
return True
return False
log_colorize_output = setup_output()
log_debug = setup_debug()
log_quiet = False
log_fatal_warnings = False
log_warnings_counter = 0
log_epoch = 0
colors = {
......@@ -99,10 +111,29 @@ def log_once(text, prefix=None, location=None):
Prints a line of text only once.
if text in logged_once:
t = tuple(text, prefix, location)
if t in logged_once:
log(text, prefix, location)
def set_quiet(quiet):
global log_quiet
log_quiet = quiet
def set_fatal_warnings(fatal_warnings):
global log_fatal_warnings
log_fatal_warnings = fatal_warnings
def set_log_epoch(epoch = 0):
global log_epoch
if epoch == 0:
log_epoch = time.monotonic()
log_epoch = epoch
def log(text, prefix=None, location=None):
......@@ -124,27 +155,49 @@ def log(text, prefix=None, location=None):
def error(text, location=None):
'''Prints an error message'''
log(text, prefix=red('ERROR'), location=location)
if log_fatal_warnings:
def warning(text, location=None):
'''Prints a warning message'''
log(text, prefix=yellow('WARNING'), location=location)
global log_warnings_counter
log_warnings_counter += 1
if log_fatal_warnings:
def info(text, location=None):
'''Prints an information message'''
log(text, prefix=green('INFO'), location=location)
if not log_quiet:
log(text, prefix=green('INFO'), location=location)
def debug(text, location=None):
'''Prints a debug message'''
log(text, prefix=dim('DEBUG'), location=location)
if log_debug:
log(text, prefix=dim('DEBUG'), location=location)
def deprecation(text, location=None):
'''Prints a deprecation warning'''
log(text, prefix=blue('DEPRECATED'), location=location)
global log_warnings_counter
log_warnings_counter += 1
def report():
if log_quiet:
elapsed = (time.monotonic() - log_epoch)
report = [""]
report += [ f"Elapsed time: {elapsed:.3f} seconds" ]
report += [ f"Total warnings: {log_warnings_counter}" ]
return log_warnings_counter != 0
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