1. 18 Sep, 2021 1 commit
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  4. 15 Aug, 2021 6 commits
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      Prepare GExvi2 0.13.0 · 9c0fdc78
      Jens Georg authored
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      iptc: Fix return value of get_raw_ for multi-value · 1dd330bf
      Jens Georg authored
      This was returning a static wrapper for stack-allocated data which will
      just crash.
      Also, do not use ", " as a separator, but consider it to be binary data
      and use 4 times INFORMATION SEPARATOR FOUR (ASCII 0x1c) to separate
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      Add `_try` versions of existing GError functions · d8a6f4b9
      postscript-dev authored
      The library is moving to a new API, using GError to report errors and an
      `_try` prefix in the function name. Some existing functions already used
      GError but were not using the `_try` prefix.
      + Add missing `_try` versions of the functions and deprecate non-`_try` ones
      + Add new functions to gtk-docs and move non-`_try` ones to subsection
      + Add new functions to test_presence_of_expected_methods() in Python testing
      + Update gexiv2-tool with `try_open_path()` to prevent deprecation warning
      + NULL to nullptr as part of modernisation
      + Update gexiv2-tool with `try_get_xmp_namespace_for_tag()` to prevent
        deprecation warning
      + Python testing
      + Replace `g_ascii_strncasecmp()` with `strncmp()` as this is case sensitive
      + Add error message in functions, when filtering by @tag and does not match
        any of "Exif.", "Iptc." or "Xmp."
      + Update `Since` and `Deprecated` fields in function docs
      Closes !54
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      Squashed commit of the following: · fb40a247
      postscript-dev authored
          Update tag_supports_multiple_values() version num
          Update `Since`, as next version of gexiv2 is now named 0.14.0 .
      Closes !59
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      Add option to print unknown tags in gexiv2-tool · 26b6323c
      postscript-dev authored
      + Add `-u` switch to optionally remove unknown tags from output
        (e.g. `Exif.Sony2Fp.0x018f`). Default is to remove the tags (which is
        the same as `exiv2.exe`).
      + Fix indenting and spelling mistake
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      Modernise the project building · f30cb113
      postscript-dev authored
      Add require checks for all enabled optional dependencies
      Add error messages for build options that require other build options
      Remove Python 2 support as this is EOL
      Replace detection of Python and gi module with meson's find_installation().
      Add project_url variable to build files.
      Add project_api_version variable to build files.
      Add license string to build file.
      Delete gexiv2.pc.in file as this is not used by the build. Meson creates the file dynamically.
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  6. 20 Jun, 2021 6 commits
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      Bump project version · 1a178152
      Jens Georg authored
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      Add catch clauses for `WError` exceptions · ff249079
      postscript-dev authored
      When using Exiv2 on Windows, some functions can throw `Exiv2::WError` and
      `Exiv2::Error` exceptions.
      + Added `Exiv2::WError` catch clauses to load/save file functions. Expect that
        wherever `std::wstring` is passed as parameter to Exiv2, has the potential
        to throw an `Exiv2::WError`
      + Added test file
      + Added regression test, checking `gexiv2_metadata_open_path()`
      Closes issue #66
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      Fix get/set Iptc Repeatable tags · 8398396c
      postscript-dev authored
      Iptc allows repeatable (multiple value) and non-repeatable (single
      value) tags. Repeatable tags are not stored as a single group but as
      separate elements, each with the same tag name. This arrangement
      caused the problems found in issue #62.
      Fix closes #62, changes the public interface to provide get/set access in a
      similar way to Xmp array tags.
      + Fix the get/set string/multiple/raw versions of the functions
      + Modernize code (e.g. nullptr for NULL)
      + Add Regression test
      + Update the public documentation
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      Add function: if tag supports multiple values · 2f78f647
      postscript-dev authored
      + The function works on all tags. For Iptc tags, this is the only way
        to find out if it is Repeatable or Non-repeatable.
      + Only added `_try_` public version
      + Added Python tests
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