Commit 930e9d56 authored by Jiri (George) Lebl's avatar Jiri (George) Lebl


parent 29234ff1
Tue May 15 14:33:26 2018 Jiri (George) Lebl <>
* Release 1.0.24
Mon May 14 16:37:10 2018 Jiri (George) Lebl <>
* src/calc.h, src/gnome-genius.c, src/genius.c, vte/src/vte.c,
Changes to 1.0.24
* A RungeKutta example
* A simple plane curve plotting example
* A plane curve plotting example
* Internal version of VTE, to avoid a dependency on deprecated stuff
* New translations (Andre Klapper, Balázs Meskó, Ask Hjor Larsen,
Alan Morensen, Mario Blättermann, Andika Triwidada, Marek Černocký,
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