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    Tue Mar 20 11:39:45 2012 Jiri (George) Lebl <jirka@5z.com> · 0605ee9b
    Jiri (George) Lebl authored
    	* help/C/gel-function-list.xml, help/C/genius.xml: Add Commutative
    	  Algebra section and document the Macaulay stuff (at least stub it).
    	  Also add a note to the doc on ceil.
    	* src/graphing.c: Fix zooming using pointer for functions that take
    	  a long time to draw by moving the zooming code into an idle
    	* lib/number_theory/primes.gel: update where GIMPS has gotten in
    	* po/POTFILES.in: remove glade-helper.c
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