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    buffer: add dedicated allocator for tile data · 137e66e4
    Ell authored
    Add gegl-tile-alloc -- a dedicated allocator for tile data.  The
    allocator amortizes the cost of memory allocation, which is
    especially high on Windows, over multiple tiles, by allocating
    tiles in bulk, in groups called blocks (currently, each block is
    roughly 1% of the tile-cache size.)
    The allocator is currently limited to tiles whose size is a power
    of 2, possibly multiplied by 3 or 5 (to support tiles whose
    dimensions are powers of 2, with up to 5 components).  The rest of
    the tiles are allocated using the normal allocator.
    Move the call to malloc_trim() from GeglBuffer's destructor to
    gegl-tile-alloc.  We call it whenever tile data equivalent to ~10%
    of the tile-cache size is freed.
    Add a tile-alloc-total stat, which reports the total amount of
    memory currently used by the tile allocator.
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