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    removed context argument from subclass specific process(). · 08774c5e
    Øyvind Kolås authored
    * gegl/operation/gegl-operation-source.[ch]: removed context argument
    from subclass specific process().
    * gegl/operation/gegl-operation.h: documentation++.
    * gegl/gegl-plugin.h: updated duplicated bits from headers.
    * gegl/gegl-old-chant.h: updated to reflect changes in API (note that
    the new gegl-chant.h didn't need changes when the classes used change
    * operations/render/checkerboard.c:
    * operations/render/color.c:
    * operations/render/fractal-explorer.c:
    * operations/render/noise.c:
    * operations/render/text.c:
    * operations/io/jpg-load.c:
    * operations/io/ff-load.c:
    * operations/io/exr-load.cpp:
    * operations/io/png-load.c: updated to new api.
    * operations/io/svg-load.c: request the pixelformat in prepare,
    updated to new api.
    * operations/io/raw-load.c:
    * operations/io/load-buffer.c:
    * operations/io/magick-load.c:
    * operations/render/introspect.c:
    * operations/io/pixbuf.c: override the process of GeglOperation
    directly, since these chear and don't write into a provided buffer
    (if possible, this should be changed).
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