1. 13 Jun, 2019 1 commit
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  6. 31 May, 2019 1 commit
    • Ell's avatar
      buffer: in gegl_buffer_copy(), add fast abyss-only path · 5aab7938
      Ell authored
      In gegl_buffer_copy(), when the source region is fully outside the
      source buffer's abyss, and the abyss content is a solid color, use
      gegl_buffer_set_color_from_pixel() to fill the destination region
      of the destination buffer, which uses COW.
  7. 28 May, 2019 1 commit
  8. 27 May, 2019 1 commit
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      buffer: improve concurrent use of gegl-tile-alloc · c1c0fc50
      Ell authored
      In gegl-tile-alloc, take into consideration the fact that blocks of
      different tile-sizes can be allocated/freed concurrently, when
      updating the various counters.
  9. 25 May, 2019 4 commits
    • Øyvind "pippin" Kolås's avatar
      bin: make display quality/performance trade-off adaptive · e9c3e476
      Øyvind "pippin" Kolås authored
      Rendering proper boxfilter rescales at full resolution takes a lot more
      effort per frame than nearest neighbor.
      After this change the default behaviro with the idle and thread renderers is to
      render queued redraws with nearest neighbor interpolation - possibly reusing a
      cache that otherwise is correct containing higher quality cached resized blit.
      After more than 333ms have passed since the last queued draw, and the cache is
      containing nearest neighbor interpolated contents, queue a redraw with full
      This change replaces the earlier tweak that during playback we only use
      nearest neighbor interpolation, during video or animation playback the
      frequency of queued redraws means we never end up queuing a full quality
    • Øyvind "pippin" Kolås's avatar
      build: require babl-0.1.64 · 43ccfb3f
      Øyvind "pippin" Kolås authored
    • Øyvind "pippin" Kolås's avatar
      build: s/LDLAGS/LDFLAGS/ · 6ba1f3ef
      Øyvind "pippin" Kolås authored
      In operations/seamless-clone/Makefile.am an F seems to have gone missing,
      hopefully this Makefile.am works for libtool, slibtool as well as on OpenBSD
      fixing issue #89
    • Øyvind "pippin" Kolås's avatar
      c2g|stress: stop race in initializing array of randoms · 591df042
      Øyvind "pippin" Kolås authored
      From a usage point of view this fixes c2g and stress multi-threaded, the
      results remain non-reproducable, issue #125 is not fully fixed though -
      since now the random numbers used are still racy when multi-threaded.
  10. 24 May, 2019 4 commits
  11. 19 May, 2019 1 commit
    • Ell's avatar
      buffer: in swap backend, fix queued compressed-tile cost · a79978a4
      Ell authored
      In GeglTileBackendSwap, when compressing a queued tile while
      waiting for sufficient queue space, we allocate a tile-sized buffer
      to hold the compressed data (since we don't know the compressed
      data size in advance), hence the cost of the compressed tile in the
      queue is equal to the full tile size.  However, we would previously
      take its cost to be the compressed data size, which can be much
      lower, causing us to over-fill the queue.  Use the full tile size
      as the cost of queued compressed tiles to fix that.
      Furthermore, don't compress cloned queued tiles, whose cost is less
      than their data size, since this would increase their cost (these
      tiles will still be compressed upon writing.)
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  16. 14 May, 2019 5 commits
    • Øyvind "pippin" Kolås's avatar
    • Øyvind "pippin" Kolås's avatar
      bin: give names to states in renderer_task and recurse some states · b5825bcb
      Øyvind "pippin" Kolås authored
      By recursing through the states in the render path we execute all the non-core
      parts serially at a slightly higher efficiency than returning to the main loop.
    • Øyvind "pippin" Kolås's avatar
      bin: add keyframe command · 0b788d8c
      Øyvind "pippin" Kolås authored
      This is a command to be used when a specific property of an active
      node is selected for editing, for now only doing linear interpolation
      even though the GeglPath used underneath is a full bezier curve and
      more interpolator.
       keyframe list
         prints the set keyframes
       keyframe set [prop] [value] [time]
         sets the currently set property value as a keyframe at current time
         overriding possible existing value
       keyframe toggle
         sets the currently set propery value as keyframe value at current time
         if doing so would be a no-op unset the existing value instead.
       keyframe clear
         removes animation curve of current property
      The keybindings for "keyframe toggle" is control-k or just ` which is
      easily accesible on english layouts.
    • Øyvind "pippin" Kolås's avatar
      bin: add frame cache · af72f8b7
      Øyvind "pippin" Kolås authored
      When enabled GEGL is caching all rendered frames and associated pcm data for
      now uncompressed, you should have enough disk-space - and without deleting
      stale data, and for many uses the disk space used is excessive, it will be
      suited for realtime playback and editing of short segments, adding more file
      formats will make it usable will less scratch disk-space, as a solution with
      SSD it seems to make for a very good real-time full resolution preview backing
    • Øyvind "pippin" Kolås's avatar
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