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      Move gegl.h declarations into their own headers. · 90e5935f
      Daniel Sabo authored
      gegl-init.c -> gegl-init.h
      gegl-apply.c -> gegl-apply.h
      gegl-processor.c -> process/gegl-processor.h
      gegl-c.c -> gegl-c.h
      gegl-node.c -> graph/gegl-node.h
      misc -> gegl-operations-util.h
      gegl-c.h is intentionally left out of the documentation
      list because it contains only deprecated functions.
      The functions in gegl-operations-util.h are still duplicate
      definitions, but moving them to another file for now is
      necessary to fix the ordering of the documentation html files.
      There is a guard against directly including gegl-operations-util.h
      because its future is uncertain and it shouldn't be included
      directly even in internal code.
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