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      Added exposure combiner, and support tool, for HDR · 5bd83227
      Danny Robson authored
      The exp-combine operation takes n input pads named 'exposure-%u'. They
      are used to estimate the camera response function, and rebuild a
      representative high range image.
      The exp_combine tool takes an output, and a series of input and EV
      exposure pairs. It uses the exp-combine operator to produce a high
      range output. This tool has a dependency to libexiv2, for which checks
      have been added to configure.
      A regression test is also included, wrapped in a shell script. If
      libexiv2 is not present, the test will be skipped (and not fail).
      NOTE: make check fails on some platforms, we need to fix this
      somehow. Maybe add relative error tolerance in img_cmp?
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