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      libs/rgbe: RGBE magic number made more generic. · cab443df
      Jehan authored
      So it turns out (cf bug 792453) that a RGBE file made with Photoshop
      starts with "#?RGBE", instead of "#?RADIANCE". Looking up Blender's
      implementation, they only use "#?" with a comment clearly saying the
      string after can be anything. Since there doesn't seem to be any other
      file format starting with the "#?" magic number anyway, I guess we
      should just do the same and simply drop any character between "#?" and
      the first newline in the file.
      While changing the code, amending for this new magic number, I also made
      it a bit more robust to random contents. In particular,
      g_mapped_file_get_contents() can return NULL, so this has to be checked
      before dereferencing its contents. Moreover glib code says that the
      returned string is not necessarily zero-terminated, so we must properly
      limit searches and comparisons to the data size.
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