1. 01 Feb, 2019 3 commits
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      pixelize: add block offset parameters · 6d4afd97
      woob authored
      Adds the parameters "Offset X" and "Offset Y" to the Pixelize op to
      allow shifting the blocks from their usual location at the top-left.
      Parameters are not yet reflected in the OpenCL implementation of the
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      buffer: Fix handling of the bottom abyss edge for negative co-ordinates · 863272d8
      Debarshi Ray authored
      The bufy value is an offset relative to the beginning of the memory
      buffer. It indicates the number of rows that've already been written
      and the index of the next row. On the other hand, the abyss_y_total
      value is the absolute vertical co-ordinate that lies just beyond the
      bottom edge of the abyss. It's the sum of the top edge and height of
      the abyss. In short, they lie in two different co-ordinate spaces - one
      relative, the other absolute.
      Therefore, bufy can only be used with abyss_y_total if the vertical
      co-ordinate of the top edge is used to normalize the spaces.
      Consider writing to [(-160,-160) 640x640] that matches the extent and
      abyss of a GeglBuffer with 80x80 tiles. When bufy equals 480 at the
      beginning of the 480th row in the buffer, the target absolute
      co-ordinate in the buffer would be (0, 320) at the top left corner of
      the seventh row of tiles. The abyss_y_total of this buffer is also 480.
      Here, the existing calculation breaks down and the writes get
      Fallout from 52e28c10
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