Commit f9df6a84 authored by Ell's avatar Ell

buffer: in gegl_buffer_copy(), explicitly damage COW-ed rect

... in preparation for removing the implicit tile voiding during
gegl_tile_handler_cache_insert() in the next commit.
parent e400d9f7
......@@ -2503,6 +2503,14 @@ gegl_buffer_copy (GeglBuffer *src,
g_rec_mutex_unlock (&src->tile_storage->mutex);
gegl_tile_handler_damage_rect (
GEGL_TILE_HANDLER (dst->tile_storage),
GEGL_RECTANGLE (cow_rect.x + dst->shift_x,
cow_rect.y + dst->shift_y,
g_rec_mutex_unlock (&dst->tile_storage->mutex);
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