Commit eac67d7b authored by Ell's avatar Ell

buffer: avoid unnecesarily locking global cache mutex when inserting tile

In gegl_tile_handler_cache_insert(), only call
gegl_tile_handler_cache_trim() if the cache actually needs to be
trimmed, i.e., if the total cache size exceeds the maximum.  The
latter function always acquires the global cache mutex, which is
wasteful if there is nothing to actually trim.
parent 580b74e8
......@@ -815,6 +815,7 @@ gegl_tile_handler_cache_insert (GeglTileHandlerCache *cache,
gint z)
CacheItem *item = g_slice_new (CacheItem);
guintptr total;
item->tile = gegl_tile_ref (tile);
item-> = item;
......@@ -837,12 +838,15 @@ gegl_tile_handler_cache_insert (GeglTileHandlerCache *cache,
cache->time = ++cache_time;
if (g_atomic_int_add (gegl_tile_n_cached_clones (tile), 1) == 0)
g_atomic_pointer_add (&cache_total, tile->size);
total = g_atomic_pointer_add (&cache_total, tile->size) + tile->size;
total = (guintptr) g_atomic_pointer_get (&cache_total);
g_atomic_pointer_add (&cache_total_uncloned, tile->size);
g_hash_table_insert (cache->items, item, item);
g_queue_push_head_link (&cache->queue, &item->link);
gegl_tile_handler_cache_trim (cache);
if (total > gegl_buffer_config ()->tile_cache_size)
gegl_tile_handler_cache_trim (cache);
/* there's a race between this assignment, and the one at the bottom of
* gegl_tile_handler_cache_tile_uncloned(). this is acceptable, though,
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