Commit ddb2f422 authored by Ján Veselý's avatar Ján Veselý Committed by Øyvind "pippin" Kolås

opacity: Remove format specia handling in OpenCL path.

Signed-off-by: Ján Veselý's avatarJan Vesely <>
parent d82e2896
......@@ -45,19 +45,7 @@ prepare (GeglOperation *self)
const Babl *space = gegl_operation_get_source_space (self, "input");
const Babl *fmt = gegl_operation_get_source_format (self, "input");
GeglProperties *o = GEGL_PROPERTIES (self);
if (gegl_operation_use_opencl (self))
if (babl_get_model_flags (fmt) & BABL_MODEL_FLAG_PREMULTIPLIED)
fmt = babl_format_with_space ("RaGaBaA float", space);
fmt = babl_format_with_space ("RGBA float", space);
o->user_data = o;
fmt = gegl_babl_variant (fmt, GEGL_BABL_VARIANT_ALPHA);
gegl_operation_set_format (self, "input", fmt);
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