Commit a77c75b3 authored by Daniel Sabo's avatar Daniel Sabo

Restore old broken mimmap behavior for ABYSS_LOOP

Partial revert of 49693771

Generating correct output for ABYSS_LOOP makes LOOP + NOHALO hopelessly
slow, specifically this causes fractal-trace to hang for several minutes.
parent eae6e51f
......@@ -1088,8 +1088,6 @@ gegl_buffer_iterate_read_dispatch (GeglBuffer *buffer,
gegl_buffer_iterate_read_abyss_color (buffer, &roi_factored, &abyss_factored,
buf, rowstride, format, level, NULL,
else if (level)
gegl_buffer_read_at_level (buffer, &roi_factored, buf, rowstride, format, level, GEGL_ABYSS_LOOP);
gegl_buffer_iterate_read_abyss_loop (buffer, &roi_factored, &abyss_factored,
buf, rowstride, format, level);
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