Commit 9b24f87f authored by Jon Nordby's avatar Jon Nordby

operations: Link to gegl on all platforms, not just Windows

On recent Arch Linux, loading of operations fail with
undefined symbols in gegl and babl when they are not
linked against these at build time.
Potentially a change in the GNU linker introduced this behavior.
parent 7faba1ee
no_undefined = -no-undefined
libgegl = $(top_builddir)/gegl/libgegl-$(GEGL_API_VERSION).la $(BABL_LIBS)
libgegl = $(top_builddir)/gegl/libgegl-$(GEGL_API_VERSION).la $(BABL_LIBS)
op_libs = $(DEP_LIBS) $(libgegl) $(OPENCL_LIBS)
GEGLHEADERS = $(wildcard $(top_srcdir)/gegl/*.h)\
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