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......@@ -6,15 +6,18 @@ Core
New Scratch allocator for short lived buffers.
Removed unneeded copies for some variants in GeglNode and GeglProcessor.
Removed unneeded buffer copies in some processing code paths in GeglNode and
Add gegl_babl_variant API for getting variations on an existin pixel-format/encoding.
Expose gegl_node_is_graph()
Compression of tile data
Compression of tile data.
Handle dynamically changing swap dir.
......@@ -26,9 +29,7 @@ Low-level tile handling more adapted to buffers creating from existing linear da
New iterator API is now the default, GEGL_BUFFER_ITERATOR2_API is no longer needed.
CMYK and grayscale specific code paths in samplers.
CMYK handling of scaled blits.
CMYK/grayscale handling for scaled blits, code paths in samplers, serialization.
New default tile-cache size, 50% of RAM.
......@@ -40,6 +41,9 @@ for multiple cores.
crop, added aux-pad - if connected the incoming bounding box determines the
crop size.
Input-format specific processing for performance in watershed-transform and
invert ops. CMYK handling in jpg-load/save, tiff-load/save, gaussian-blur,
opacity, most composing and blending operations, text, vector-stroke, path, and
......@@ -47,26 +51,64 @@ transform operations.
Improved or fixed mipmap preview rendering of emboss, linear-gradient and radial-gradient.
Better ui range/defaults for: distor/waves and dropshadow.
Better ui strings/range/defaults for: distort/waves and dropshadow,
gaussian-blur: fix mistake in implementation of IIR Young blur 1d, which caused
non circular halos.
Added offset properties to pixelize filter.
new ops in workshop: voroni diagram, Grey Color Removal, spyrograph.
Handle mipmap rendering for linear-gradient and radial-gradient.
Improvements to image browsing and view modes, thumbnailing and start of work
integrating a commandline, keyboard and touch driven graph editor.
The existing microraptor-gui (immediate mode touch UI+CSS with cairo) image
viewer that can be built as part of the gegl binary has been revisted, a
graph/property editor has been added, and migration/extension to lua has begun
for parts of the code.
WARNING: many parts of the UI is of exploratory proof of concept/alpha quality
but released since it is part of the GEGL repository and useful development
tools both for creating and testing new GEGL operations as well as GEGL itself.
Some screenshots showing some the process towards the state and capabilties of
the UI in this release can be seen at
To build with this UI the following dependencies also need to be satisifed, for
now this is not intended to be packaged by distributions yet.
lua-lgi (debian package name) upstream:
folder view
resolution independent UI
touch oriented navigation
GIF / video playback
PDF pagination
goats that expose performance and capabilty issues in GEGL
efficient (though not sandboxed) thumbnailing
embedded simple commandline
graph editor
automatic, consistent graph layout
autogenerated property-inspector ui
visualization of color model/bitdepth through styling of edges
live-extendable with lua code for per-operation canvas UI
Contributors to this release:
Alan Mortensen, Alexandre Prokoudine, Anders Jonsson, Andre Klapper, Debarshi
Ray, elad, Ell, Jehan, Marco Ciampa, Michael Natterer, Øyvind Kolås, Piotr
Drąg, Richard B. Kreckel, Rodrigo Lledó, sabri ünal, thetoastcaper, Thomas
Manni and woob.
GEGL-0.4.12 2018-10-23
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