Commit 7b06a120 authored by Jon Nordby's avatar Jon Nordby

operations: Move registration of CMYK u8 format into Babl

JPEG CMYK support now wuntime-dependent on
babl >= 21571c7bbd3a27bd78d78598a6732741a95fb265
parent a7a2f129
......@@ -60,23 +60,7 @@ babl_from_jpeg_colorspace(J_COLOR_SPACE space)
else if (space == JCS_RGB)
format = babl_format ("R'G'B' u8");
else if (space == JCS_CMYK) {
static gboolean reg = FALSE;
if (!reg) {
// TODO: move into babl?
reg = TRUE;
babl_format_new (
"name", "CMYK u8",
babl_model ("CMYK"),
babl_type ("u8"),
babl_component ("cyan"),
babl_component ("magenta"),
babl_component ("yellow"),
babl_component ("key"),
format = babl_format("CMYK u8");
return format;
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