Commit 680fecf3 authored by Ell's avatar Ell

transform: add near-z property

... which can be used to specify the z-coordinate of the near
clipping plane.  Used by GIMP.
parent 1c7c1c09
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ struct _OpTransform
GeglOperationFilter parent_instance;
gdouble origin_x;
gdouble origin_y;
gdouble near_z;
GeglSamplerType sampler;
gboolean clip_to_input;
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@
<param name='origin-x'>0</param>
<param name='origin-y'>0</param>
<param name='near-z'>0</param>
<param name='sampler'>linear</param>
<param name='clip-to-input'>false</param>
<param name='x'>5</param>
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