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GEGL-0.3.30 2018-03-19
gegl_buffer_get now treats the final argument, which used to control only abyss
behavior as a bit-field that also can have interpolation method to use when
scaling down from the next larger mipmap level, valid values are
All scaling is now done on linear data, making future results of mipmap
computations more valid as well as providing correct results for scaled down
thumbnails in user interfaces. Optimized code paths have been added for 8bit
buffers (using 12bit linear as processing space) and other formats like 16bit
float are now correctly handled by going through generic code paths.
The scaling code paths has also been instrumented and optimized for
performance. Improvements to pixel data fetching and setting functions leads to
performance boosts across many GEGL operations, as well as display code paths
in GEGL using applications. For some performance critical display cases
performance should have improved 2-3x over last release.
Improvements to logic switching to boxfiltering behavior and improve cubic
samplers box filtering by using a linear sampler and a nearest sampler for the
boxfiltering for the linear sampler. This slows down scaling down with the
cubic sampler by half, but is less prone to aliasing, while keeping the faster
code paths for the fast but not as bad as nearest - bilinear.
gegl_buffer_copy gegl_buffer_clear and gegl_buffer_set color now only
emit a single changed signal on the buffer.
c2g and stress have gained the ability to toggle the influence of the shadow
neighborhood or not, the new default is to not improve shadow detail; yielding
a bit more natural renditions.
color-to-alpha now contains improvements from experiment in workshop which is
Fixed crahses in median-blur.
Transform ops:
Only rasterize inside the transformed polygon, saving cpu. The optimizations
mentioned for GeglBuffer giving boosts and improved quality.
New ops:
Mean-curvature blur.
News ops in workshop:
color-overlay, enlarge, inpaint, domain-transform, recursive=transform.
GEGL-0.3.28 2018-01-23
A new GeglStats object, which provides realtime statistics/profiling for use
in UIs. Automatically copy-on-write clone input buffers for auto-threading of
Many significant optimizations as well as a correctness improvement, mipmap
scaling and rendering is now done correctly in linear space, thus GIMP will not
only produce the right results but also avoid gamma errors in thumbnails and
Among the signifcant performance boosters are per buffer-instance tile queues,
adaptive sampler pre-fetch caching and dedicated code paths for fetching
columns of pixels. Along with many multi-threadedness improvements due to more
significant testing.
Mipmap tuning and performance improvements to gaussian blur
added dedicated code paths for nearest sampler in transform ops.
more generic RGBE file handling
ff-load: permit decoding audio files as well as video files.
various code cleanups
GEGL-0.3.28 2018-01-23
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