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updated since last sync with changelog.

* NEWS: updated since last sync with changelog.

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2007-01-27 Øyvind Kolås <>
* NEWS: updated since last sync with changelog.
2007-01-27 Øyvind Kolås <>
* gegl/gegl.h: updated documentation of gegl_process
......@@ -5,16 +5,18 @@
GEGL only has released development snapshots thus far. Odd micro versions are
from CVS whilst even micro numbers indicate released snapshots.
Changes in GEGL 0.0.7 (up to date as per 2007-01-22) gegl_node_get_consumer commit.
- improved hit detection
- fixed path handling in test app
- improved tonemapping meta op
- speed ups to scaled retrieval from pyramidial buffers
- Misc GUI and operation improvements
- avoid doing unneeded computations when compositing with over operator
- added public API for querying connections between nodes.
Changes in GEGL 0.0.7 (will become 0.0.8)
- HTML documentation for public API
- Improvements to operation reference.
- internal caches for rendering (internal floating point projection)
- API for iterative rendering
- API for querying node connections.
- improved hit detection (still only bounding boxes)
- performance enhancements to frequently used code paths.
- improved relative path handling in test app
- Misc other improvements.
Changes in GEGL 0.0.6
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