Commit 4937bb93 authored by Martin Nordholts's avatar Martin Nordholts

Allow node + dependencies when constructing the graphviz dot-file

svn path=/trunk/; revision=3046
parent 9ee47338
......@@ -28,7 +28,10 @@
#include "graph/gegl-node.h"
#include "graph/gegl-pad.h"
#include "graph/gegl-connection.h"
#include "graph/gegl-visitable.h"
#include "graph/gegl-visitor.h"
#include "gegl-dot.h"
#include "gegl-dot-visitor.h"
#include "gegl.h"
......@@ -234,14 +237,48 @@ gegl_dot_add_graph (GString *string,
g_string_append_printf (string, "}\n");
* gegl_dot_add_node_and_dependencies:
* @string:
* @node:
* Adds @node to the graph, and all nodes that @node depends on both
* directly and indirectly. There is no grouping of subgraphs.
static void
gegl_dot_add_node_and_dependencies (GString *string,
GeglNode *node)
GeglDotVisitor *dot_visitor;
gpointer context_id = string;
dot_visitor = g_object_new (GEGL_TYPE_DOT_VISITOR,
"id", context_id,
gegl_dot_visitor_set_string_to_append (dot_visitor,
gegl_visitor_dfs_traverse (GEGL_VISITOR (dot_visitor),
g_object_unref (dot_visitor);
gchar *
gegl_to_dot (GeglNode *node)
GString *string;
string = g_string_new ("digraph gegl { graph [ rankdir = \"BT\"];\n");
gegl_dot_add_graph (string, node, "GEGL");
g_string_append (string, "}");
if (node->is_graph)
gegl_dot_add_graph (string, node, "GEGL");
gegl_dot_add_node_and_dependencies (string, node);
g_string_append (string, "}\n");
return g_string_free (string, FALSE);
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