unsharp-mask-plus: disable parts of graph when threhold=0

parent 09bdd958
......@@ -47,10 +47,43 @@ property_double (threshold, _("Threshold"), 0.0)
#include "gegl-op.h"
typedef struct
GeglNode *aa;
GeglNode *absolute;
GeglNode *subtract;
GeglNode *multiply_mask;
GeglNode *multiply;
} State;
static void
update_graph (GeglOperation *operation)
GeglProperties *o = GEGL_PROPERTIES (operation);
if (!o) return;
State *state = o->user_data;
if (!state) return;
if (o->threshold > 0.0001)
gegl_node_connect_from (state->absolute, "input",
state->subtract, "output");
gegl_node_connect_from (state->multiply, "input",
state->multiply_mask, "output");
gegl_node_connect_from (state->multiply, "input",
state->subtract, "output");
static void
attach (GeglOperation *operation)
GeglProperties *o = GEGL_PROPERTIES (operation);
GeglNode *gegl, *input, *output, *add, *multiply, *subtract, *blur, *multiply2, *absolute, *threshold, *aa, *multiply_mask;
State *state = g_malloc0 (sizeof (State));
o->user_data = state;
gegl = operation->node;
......@@ -65,6 +98,11 @@ attach (GeglOperation *operation)
threshold = gegl_node_new_child (gegl, "operation", "gegl:threshold", NULL);
aa = gegl_node_new_child (gegl, "operation", "gegl:gaussian-blur", "std-dev-x", 1.0, "std-dev-y", 1.0, NULL);
blur = gegl_node_new_child (gegl, "operation", "gegl:gaussian-blur", NULL);
state->aa = aa;
state->absolute = absolute;
state->subtract = subtract;
state->multiply = multiply;
state->multiply_mask = multiply_mask;
gegl_node_link_many (input, subtract, multiply_mask, multiply, NULL);
gegl_node_link (input, blur);
......@@ -82,13 +120,41 @@ attach (GeglOperation *operation)
gegl_operation_meta_redirect (operation, "std-dev", blur, "std-dev-y");
gegl_operation_meta_watch_nodes (operation, add, multiply, subtract, blur, threshold, NULL);
update_graph (operation);
static void
my_set_property (GObject *object,
guint property_id,
const GValue *value,
GParamSpec *pspec)
set_property (object, property_id, value, pspec);
GeglProperties *o = GEGL_PROPERTIES (object);
if (o)
update_graph ((void*)object);
static void
dispose (GObject *object)
GeglProperties *o = GEGL_PROPERTIES (object);
g_clear_pointer (&o->user_data, g_free);
G_OBJECT_CLASS (gegl_op_parent_class)->dispose (object);
static void
gegl_op_class_init (GeglOpClass *klass)
GObjectClass *object_class;
GeglOperationClass *operation_class;
object_class = G_OBJECT_CLASS (klass);
object_class->dispose = dispose;
object_class->set_property = my_set_property;
operation_class = GEGL_OPERATION_CLASS (klass);
operation_class->attach = attach;
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