configure: add warning about enabling of workshop to --help

parent c5c8198b
......@@ -1240,7 +1240,7 @@ AM_CONDITIONAL(HAVE_W3M, test "x$W3M" != "xno")
dnl disable build of workshop operations.
[ --enable-workshop enable build of workshop operations (default=no)],,
[ --enable-workshop enable build of workshop operations (default=no) do not enable this for distributed builds or CI of GEGL/GIMP it is only for development and testing],,
AM_CONDITIONAL(ENABLE_WORKSHOP, test "x$enable_workshop" = "xyes")
......@@ -126,7 +126,8 @@ operation_process (GeglOperation *operation,
operation_class = GEGL_OPERATION_CLASS (gegl_op_parent_class);
if (in_rect && gegl_rectangle_is_infinite_plane (in_rect))
// XXX: hack to force nop, many people are enabling as many things as possible when configuring gegl not realising that they shouldn't enable the workshop
if (TRUE || (in_rect && gegl_rectangle_is_infinite_plane (in_rect)))
gpointer in = gegl_operation_context_get_object (context, "input");
gegl_operation_context_take_object (context, "output",
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