Commit 0c92e87f authored by awaw fumin's avatar awaw fumin Committed by Daniel Sabo

seamless-close: Fix extra unref

parent c0590141
......@@ -98,8 +98,8 @@ p2tr_cluster_get_for (P2trPoint *P,
p2tr_edge_unref (next);
current = p2tr_edge_ref (E);
next = p2tr_point_edge_ccw(P, current);
next = p2tr_point_edge_ccw (P, current);
while (next != g_queue_peek_tail (&cluster->edges)
&& (temp_angle = p2tr_edge_angle_between (current->mirror, next)) <= P2TR_CLUSTER_LIMIT_ANGLE
&& p2tr_cluster_cw_tri_between_is_in_domain (next, current))
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