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    buffer: samplers handling dynamic number of components · 365e53a5
    Øyvind "pippin" Kolås authored
    All resampling for GeglBuffers used to happen in RaGaBaA float, now
    grayscale formats end up using YaA float instead, which will improve
    performance of scaling/rotating in GIMP as well as other tools using
    GeglBuffers resampling like the sculpt tool when in grayscale mode.
    buffer: add members for interpolation bpp/components
    buffer: make linear sampler component generic
    buffer: generalize cubic sampler
    buffer: generalize lohalo innerloop
    For now, assuming that input is still a premultiplied format and treat last component
    differently, should sniff whether the interpolation format has alpha and only do
    different treatment in that case.
    buffer: generalize nohalo for components
    buffer: nohalo slight simplification