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    added mmx and cpu detection. · 736899f4
    Øyvind Kolås authored
    * configure.ac: added mmx and cpu detection.
    * gegl/Makefile.am:
    * gegl/gegl-cpuaccel.[ch]: added from GIMP.
    * gegl/gegl-plugin.h: include config.h when compiling in-tree (to
    allow checking for USE_SSE in ops.
    * gegl/gegl-utils.[ch]: (gegl_malloc), (gegl_free): added malloc and
    free that aligns on 16byte boundaries.
    * gegl/operation/gegl-operation-point-composer.c:,
    * gegl/operation/gegl-operation-point-filter.c:
    (process_inner): align allocated buffers on 16byte boundaries to
    make it possible to process RGBA buffers using SSE.
    * gegl/operation/gegl-operation-processors.c: 
    (gegl_operation_class_add_processor): added category SSE that is
    autoenabled if sse support is compiled in and detected.
    * operations/common/invert.c: (process_sse), 
    (gegl_chant_class_init): accelerate the invert operation with vector
    maths using SSE.
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=2184
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