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    Added initial threading support, each GeglProcessor now spawns · 20764951
    Øyvind Kolås authored
    it's seperate thread to do it's work. On my machine initial testing
    seems to indicate that this works for splitting up the work between
    the GUI updates (gtk+) and GEGL doing processing in the background.
    No locks added thus far.
    * configure.in: add GTHREAD to DEP
    * gegl.pc.in: link with gthread.
    * gegl/gegl-init.c: (gegl_init): call g_thread_init
    * gegl/gegl-processor.c: (gegl_processor_class_init),
    (gegl_processor_render), (render_thread), (gegl_processor_work): Added
    an alternate code path which can be enabled by removing the comments
    for the ENABLE_THREADING #define on line 486.
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=1411
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