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    gegl/operation, operations: adapt to previous commit · 1fbd84cc
    Ell authored
    Rename gegl_operation_get_min_threaded_sub_size() to
    gegl_operation_get_pixels_per_thread().  This function returns the
    (very hypothetical, ATM) cost of using each additional thread for
    processing the operation, realtive to the cost of processing a
    single pixel.  As before, it simply returns 64 * 64 for now.  This
    function is meant to be used for the thread_cost parameter of
    Use the new function in the auto-threaded operation classes, and in
    manually-threaded operations using gegl_parallel_distribute_area().
    Additionally, use the function in manually-threaded operations
    using gegl_parallel_distribute_range(), by dividing its result by
    the relevant dimension of the processed area.
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