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created draft NEWS from ChangeLog entries.

* NEWS: created draft NEWS from ChangeLog entries.

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2008-11-09 Øyvind Kolås <>
* NEWS: created draft NEWS from ChangeLog entries.
2008-11-09 Øyvind Kolås <>
* gegl/operation/gegl-operation-point-composer.c:
(gegl_operation_point_composer_class_init): enable caching for point
2008-11-08 Øyvind Kolås <>
* gegl/gegl-config.c: (gegl_config_init): increased the default
......@@ -5,6 +5,23 @@
GEGL only has released development snapshots thus far. Odd micro versions are
from SVN whilst even micro numbers indicate released snapshots.
Changes in GEGL 0.0.21
• GeglOperation
• operations now carry a prefix in their name, the native GEGL ops
now all start with "gegl:"
• gegl:opacity - combine value and aux mask input when both are available.
• GeglPath
• Vector graphics infrastructure, supporting poly lines, beziers and
from application extendable with cornu curves and other types of
nodes for the paths. Also support for variable line widths.
• GeglBuffer
• Profiling motivated speed ups in data reading/writing.
Contributions from:
Hubert Figuiere, Sven Neumann, Øyvind Kolås, Michael Natterer, Kevin Cozens,
Sam Hocevar, Martin Nordholts, Manish Singh
Changes in GEGL 0.0.20
• Build and code clean ups and fixes.
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