Commit f1438488 authored by Barak Itkin's avatar Barak Itkin
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Remove unused code

parent 08030ab8
......@@ -26,26 +26,6 @@
#include "find-outline.h"
#include "make-mesh.h"
typedef struct {
ScOutline *outline;
P2trMesh *mesh;
GeglRectangle mesh_bounds;
ScMeshSampling *sampling;
GeglBuffer *uvt;
} ScPreprocessResult;
#define sc_preprocess_new() (g_new0 (ScPreprocessResult, 1))
//inline void
//sc_preprocess_result_free (ScPreprocessResult *self)
// sc_mesh_sampling_free (self->sampling);
// p2tr_triangulation_free (self->mesh);
// sc_outline_free (self->outline);
// g_free (self);
#define SC_BABL_UVT_TYPE (babl_type_new ("uvt", "bits", sizeof (P2tRuvt) * 8, NULL))
#define SC_BABL_UVT_FORMAT (babl_format_n (SC_BABL_UVT_TYPE, 3))
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