jpg-save: if the space of the incoming buffer is gray, force grayscale

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......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ property_boolean (optimize, _("Optimize"), TRUE)
description (_("Use optimized huffman tables"))
property_boolean (progressive, _("Progressive"), TRUE)
description (_("Create progressive JPEG images"))
property_boolean (grayscale, _("Grayscale"), FALSE)
description (_("Create a grayscale (monochrome) image"))
......@@ -240,12 +241,16 @@ export_jpg (GeglOperation *operation,
const Babl *fmt = gegl_buffer_get_format (input);
const Babl *space = babl_format_get_space (fmt);
gint cmyk = babl_space_is_cmyk (space);
gint gray = babl_space_is_gray (space);
src_x = result->x;
src_y = result->y;
width = result->width;
height = result->height;
if (gray)
grayscale = 1;
cinfo.image_width = width;
cinfo.image_height = height;
......@@ -297,6 +302,8 @@ export_jpg (GeglOperation *operation,
int icc_len;
const char *icc_profile;
icc_profile = babl_space_get_icc (space, &icc_len);
/* XXX : we should write a grayscale profile - possible created from the
RGB - if the incoming space has a non-grayscale ICC profile */
if (icc_profile)
write_icc_profile (&cinfo, (void*)icc_profile, icc_len);
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