Commit 50f0cf50 authored by Ell's avatar Ell

graph: prepare graph before getting cache in gegl_node_blit()

When gegl_node_blit() is called with GEGL_BLIT_CACHE, prepare the
graph before getting the node's cache, so that the output format
of the node is known in gegl_node_get_cache().
parent 9c354506
......@@ -1164,8 +1164,14 @@ gegl_node_blit (GeglNode *self,
else if (flags & GEGL_BLIT_CACHE)
GeglCache *cache = gegl_node_get_cache (self);
GeglBuffer *buffer = GEGL_BUFFER (cache);
GeglCache *cache;
GeglBuffer *buffer;
/* make sure we have an output format for the cache */
gegl_eval_manager_prepare (gegl_node_get_eval_manager (self));
cache = gegl_node_get_cache (self);
buffer = GEGL_BUFFER (cache);
if (!(flags & GEGL_BLIT_DIRTY))
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