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GEGL-0.3.28 2018-01-21
new GeglStats object
Automatically copy-on-write clone input buffers for threading.
changes to mipmap/scaling at fetch code to operate in linear
per buffer-instance tile queues - for reduced multi-thread contention
per instance hot-tile for nearest samplers
atomic counters for tracking leaked buffers
Optimizationz for fetching column of pixels
Adaptive sampler pre-fetch caching
Micro performance optimizations of minimizing branching/function calls in
hot-spot pixel setting/getting code.
mipmap tuning and performance improvements to gaussian blur
transform added dedicated code paths for nearest sampler
various code cleanups
more generic RGBE file handling.
GEGL-0.3.26 2017-12-14 GEGL-0.3.26 2017-12-14
Core Core
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