Commit 45da725f authored by Barak Itkin's avatar Barak Itkin
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Several small fixes to the all-in-one seamless clone op

parent 1e64cefc
......@@ -21,6 +21,11 @@
gegl_chant_int (max_refine_steps, _("Refinement Steps"), 0, 100000.0, 2000,
_("Maximal amount of refinement points to be used for the interpolation mesh"))
gegl_chant_int (xoff, _("X offset"), -100000, +100000, 0,
_("How much horizontal offset should applied to the paste"))
gegl_chant_int (yoff, _("Y offset"), -100000, +100000, 0,
_("How much vertical offset should applied to the paste"))
......@@ -120,13 +125,15 @@ process (GeglOperation *operation,
g_mutex_lock (props->mutex);
if (props->aux != aux)
if (props->preprocess)
sc_cache_free (props->preprocess);
props->aux = aux;
props->preprocess = NULL;
props->preprocess = sc_generate_cache (aux, gegl_operation_source_get_bounding_box (operation, "aux"), o -> max_refine_steps);
g_mutex_unlock (props->mutex);
return_val = sc_render_seamless (input, aux, 0, 0, output, result, props->preprocess);
return_val = sc_render_seamless (input, aux, o->xoff, o->yoff, output, result, props->preprocess);
return return_val;
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