Commit 1aebc06e authored by Barak Itkin's avatar Barak Itkin
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Fix wrong node connection order in gegl:seamless-clone-compose

parent 305f2fd1
......@@ -65,12 +65,12 @@ attach (GeglOperation *operation)
* which was more than half but not fulll. */
overlay = gegl_node_new_child (gegl, "operation", "svg:src-atop", NULL);
output = gegl_node_get_output_proxy (gegl, "output");
gegl_node_connect_from (input, "output", seamless, "input");
gegl_node_connect_from (aux, "output", seamless, "aux");
gegl_node_connect_from (input, "output", overlay, "input");
gegl_node_connect_from (seamless, "output", overlay, "aux");
gegl_node_connect_from (overlay, "output", output, "input");
gegl_node_connect_to (input, "output", seamless, "input");
gegl_node_connect_to (aux, "output", seamless, "aux");
gegl_node_connect_to (input, "output", overlay, "input");
gegl_node_connect_to (seamless, "output", overlay, "aux");
gegl_node_connect_to (overlay, "output", output, "input");
gegl_operation_meta_redirect (operation, "max-refine-steps", seamless, "max-refine-steps");
gegl_operation_meta_redirect (operation, "xoff", seamless, "xoff");
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