Commit 03bdb529 authored by Ell's avatar Ell

Bug 792018 - gegl_buffer_get() segfaults when reading a pixel column

Fix rowstride in the call to gegl_buffer_iterate_read_dispatch().
parent bacba979
......@@ -1899,9 +1899,9 @@ _gegl_buffer_get_unlocked (GeglBuffer *buffer,
/* first fetch all pixels to a temporary buffer */
uint8_t tmp[rect->width * rect->height * bpp];
uint8_t tmp[rect->height * bpp];
gegl_buffer_iterate_read_dispatch (buffer, rect, &tmp[0],
rowstride, buffer->soft_format, 0, repeat_mode);
bpp, buffer->soft_format, 0, repeat_mode);
/* then convert in a single shot */
babl_process (babl_fish (buffer->soft_format, format),
&tmp[0], dest_buf, rect->height);
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