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    • jordi fita i mas's avatar
      Correct autoscale policy enum’s value name · d2c1a316
      jordi fita i mas authored
      The enumeration’s name must be in upper case for vapigen to generate the
      correct output; otherwise it wrongly assumes the value’s name is
      lowercase and the C compiler can’t find it.
      	*  gegl-gtk/Makefile.am: Change the call to glib-mkenums to output
      	   VALUENAME as the first string instead of valuenick.
  9. 05 Feb, 2014 2 commits
  10. 04 Feb, 2014 6 commits
    • Daniel Sabo's avatar
      examples: Fix buffer lifetime in vala example · 29d451ac
      Daniel Sabo authored
      Add an extra scope to the vala example that will destroy the nodes
      and windows before Gegl.exit() is called. (fixes bug 723591)
    • jordi fita i mas's avatar
      Correct gegl_gtk_view_set_node’s transfer from full to none · dd7c451f
      jordi fita i mas authored
      The transfer of this function should be none because the helper’s
      increases the node’s reference counter meaning that the caller still has
      to unref it afterwards.
      This caused a memory leak in the Vala example because
      Gegl.Node.create_child returns an "unowned" node (i.e. the caller
      doesn’t need to call unref) but Vala had to call ref on this node before
      calling GeglGtk.View.set_node but didn’t call unref, as is the case when
      passing an unowned variable to a full transfer function.  Thus, ref was
      called twice (once by Vala and the other by the helper) but unref only
      once (by the helper), creating the leak.
      	*  gegl-gtk/gegl-gtk-view.c (gegl_gtk_view_set_node): Change
      	   transfer annotation from full to none.
    • jordi fita i mas's avatar
      Prevent segfault when setting autoscale policy without node. · 8d92c7b9
      jordi fita i mas authored
      View helper actually checks for null pointer, but it did *after* getting
      its bounding box and that fails when the view has no node.
      	*  gegl-gtk/internal/view-helper.c (update_autoscale): Get the
      	   node's bounding box only if there is a valid node.
    • jordi fita i mas's avatar
      Use Babl’s cairo-ARGB32 format when blitting · 3d28897c
      jordi fita i mas authored
      This format has some optimizations and is noticeably faster than the
      equivalent B'aG'aR'aA u8.
      	*  gegl-gtk/internal/view-helper.c (view_helper_draw): Use babl’s
      	   cairo-ARGB32 format when blitting the node.
    • Daniel Sabo's avatar
      Escape $(datadir) in VAPIDIR and GIRDIR · 94d2d73a
      Daniel Sabo authored
      Otherwise it will be evaluated to an empty string in configure. I am
      not sure that we should actually be setting these values, but it does
      allow gegl-gtk to find a prefixed gegl install automatically.
    • jordi fita i mas's avatar
      Corrected call to Gegl.init in Vala’s basic example. · f39f96a4
      jordi fita i mas authored
      	*  examples/vala/gegl-gtk-basic.vala (main): Pass the ref of args to
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    • Daniel Sabo's avatar
      test-view-helper.c: Call gegl_node_invalidated · c0ea0200
      Daniel Sabo authored
      The changes in GEGL b4ff63c4a75e8f1d90bb3d75be1c8b6c4176eb8a
      mean that GeglNode won't see the injected event, instead this
      test needs to call the proper invalidate function to ensure
      all the correct logic is called.
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