1. 11 Jun, 2006 1 commit
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      Fix for bug #165568 – Support global lockdown keys (first part) · 0a27ec08
      Steve Frécinaux authored
      2006-06-11  Steve Frécinaux  <steve@istique.net>
      	Fix for bug #165568 – Support global lockdown keys (first part)
      	* gedit/gedit-app.[ch]: define GeditLockdownMask as a flag type, add a
      	'lockdown' property to GeditApp, of type GeditLockdownMask, and define
      	its getter/setter.
      	* gedit/gedit-prefs-manager.[ch]: define a new helper function
      	* gedit/gedit-prefs-manager-app.c: Listen to lockdown GConf folder
      	changes. Update GeditApp's lockdown properties when a lockdown key is
      	* gedit/gedit-enum-types.h.template:
      	* gedit/gedit-enum-types.c.template:
      	* gedit/Makefile.am:
      	Autogenerate type definitions for exported enums using glib-mkenums.
      	* configure.ac: add GLIB_MKENUMS definition.