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      Move menu extension to the app-activatable · 1eec261b
      Paolo Borelli authored
      It is important that the menu-model for the gear menu is a single
      instance shared among all the windows. This makes it consistent
      with the app-menu model and plugins can extend them in the same
      way without causing items to be added multiple times when there
      is more than a window.
      The extension API is thus moved to the app activatable interface
      and the plugins are adapted to use the new api.
  4. 03 Feb, 2014 1 commit
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      Allow plugins to extend the appmenu · 57b9342f
      Paolo Borelli authored
      Rename the API to just be extend_menu instead of extend_gear_menu
      and look for the requested extension point in all the menus we have.
      Plugins are updated for the API change and snippets and tools now
      put their pref dialogs in the app menu.
      We still need to rename all the extension points to something more
      meaningful of "ext1" and we probably should add similar API to the
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