Do not let the bottom panel overlap the whole TextView.

We were letting the bottom panel overlap the whole TextView,
one thing is that at least the minimal size of the view should
always be visible and the other issue to change this is that
there is a bug in gtk+ that makes the textview overlap the paned
when the paned reaches the minimum size of the view.
parent 5d279ede
......@@ -4136,7 +4136,7 @@ gedit_window_init (GeditWindow *window)
gtk_paned_pack1 (GTK_PANED (window->priv->vpaned),
GTK_WIDGET (window->priv->multi_notebook),
gtk_widget_show (GTK_WIDGET (window->priv->multi_notebook));
g_signal_connect (window->priv->multi_notebook,
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