Commit e8c3ed23 authored by Sébastien Wilmet's avatar Sébastien Wilmet

tab: fix critical message with network unavailable info bar

The critical message was:

CRITICAL **: gedit_network_unavailable_info_bar_new:
assertion 'G_IS_FILE (location)' failed

The location can be NULL for an Unsaved Document.
parent 12a65d6e
......@@ -1232,12 +1232,16 @@ _gedit_tab_set_network_available (GeditTab *tab,
gboolean enable)
GeditDocument *doc;
GtkSourceFile *file;
GFile *location;
g_return_if_fail (GEDIT_IS_TAB (tab));
doc = gedit_tab_get_document (tab);
file = gedit_document_get_file (doc);
location = gtk_source_file_get_location (file);
if (gedit_document_is_local (doc))
if (gedit_document_is_local (doc) || location == NULL)
......@@ -1248,16 +1252,14 @@ _gedit_tab_set_network_available (GeditTab *tab,
GtkSourceFile *file = gedit_document_get_file (doc);
GFile *location = gtk_source_file_get_location (file);
GtkWidget *bar = gedit_network_unavailable_info_bar_new (location);
GtkWidget *info_bar = gedit_network_unavailable_info_bar_new (location);
g_signal_connect (bar,
g_signal_connect (info_bar,
G_CALLBACK (network_available_warning_info_bar_response),
set_info_bar (tab, bar, GTK_RESPONSE_CLOSE);
set_info_bar (tab, info_bar, GTK_RESPONSE_CLOSE);
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