Commit d9a3e897 authored by Ignacio Casal Quinteiro's avatar Ignacio Casal Quinteiro Committed by Paolo Borelli

externaltools: remove useless var

parent c587d9ad
...@@ -218,8 +218,6 @@ class LanguagesPopup(Gtk.Window): ...@@ -218,8 +218,6 @@ class LanguagesPopup(Gtk.Window):
allwidgets = self.resolve_widgets(self.get_child()) allwidgets = self.resolve_widgets(self.get_child())
allwidgets.reverse() allwidgets.reverse()
orig = [event.x, event.y]
for widget in allwidgets: for widget in allwidgets:
windows = self.resolve_windows(widget.get_window()) windows = self.resolve_windows(widget.get_window())
windows.reverse() windows.reverse()
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