Commit d7663852 authored by Sébastien Wilmet's avatar Sébastien Wilmet

flatpak: build again gedit-plugins, but without the zeitgeist plugin

- The gedit snap also disables the zeitgeist plugin.
- Zeitgeist isn't used a lot.
- To enable the plugin, it would require to bundle the zeitgeist library
  in the flatpak.
- We don't think there is a strong interest from the gedit community to
  keep the zeitgeist plugin working. We will *maybe* remove the
  zeitgeist plugin in the future, to have less code to maintain.
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......@@ -98,8 +98,10 @@ modules:
- type: git
# - name: gedit-plugins
# buildsystem: meson
# sources:
# - type: git
# url:
- name: gedit-plugins
buildsystem: meson
- "-Dplugin_zeitgeist=false"
- type: git
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