Commit cb4db9fc authored by Jordi Mas's avatar Jordi Mas

Fixes #143 - close without saving button color

parent ae11fba3
Pipeline #74158 passed with stage
in 26 minutes and 5 seconds
......@@ -273,10 +273,16 @@ gedit_close_confirmation_dialog_new_single (GtkWindow *parent,
static void
add_buttons (GeditCloseConfirmationDialog *dlg)
gtk_dialog_add_buttons (GTK_DIALOG (dlg),
_("Close _without Saving"), GTK_RESPONSE_NO,
GtkWidget *close_button;
close_button = gtk_dialog_add_button (GTK_DIALOG (dlg),
_("Close _without Saving"),
gtk_style_context_add_class (gtk_widget_get_style_context (close_button),
gtk_dialog_add_button (GTK_DIALOG (dlg), _("_Cancel"), GTK_RESPONSE_CANCEL);
if (dlg->disable_save_to_disk)
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