Commit c37fd727 authored by Sébastien Lafargue's avatar Sébastien Lafargue

build: bump gobject-introspection version to 1.42.0

The same version is required by gtksourceview-4,
use by Gedit.
parent 8309f212
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ gedit requires `GTK+ >= 3.22.0`, `GtkSourceView >= 4.0.2` and
icon theme for its icons. If gedit fails to display icons, installing
GNOME's default adwaita-icon-theme is a simple way of providing them.
`PyGObject 3.0.x` and `gobject-introspection 0.9.3` are required to enable
`PyGObject 3.0.x` and `gobject-introspection 1.42.0` are required to enable
python plugins support.
`gspell >= 0.2.5` is required to enable the spell checking plugin.
......@@ -352,8 +352,7 @@ AM_CONDITIONAL(ENABLE_USER_HELP, test x"$enable_user_help" = "xyes")
dnl ================================================================
dnl GObject Introspection
dnl ================================================================
if test "$found_introspection" = "yes"; then
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